The Welsh Government Apprenticeship Framework has been released at an estimated programme value of £1 billion over 4 years. The contract will commence on the 1st August and run for 4 years until the 31st July 2025 (with the option to extend for two years). The deadline for submission is the 12th October 2020. Successful bidders will be awarded a place on the framework. There will be further programme commissions to award call of contracts for the funding.

The framework priorities are:
• Addressing skill shortages.
• Developing higher level skills.
• Continuing to monitor the effectiveness of Foundation (level 2) Apprenticeships.
• Improving access, equality and equity of opportunity.
• Delivering Apprenticeships in Welsh.
• Improving performance measures.
• Employer engagement.

It is a two-part evaluation a general qualification element being evaluated first and then the more detailed technical envelope response if the first stage has passed. The technical envelope response must not score below 80% of the maximum score overall, or for a single question response to score lower than 4 out of 10. This is a mandatory pass/fail criteria.

The question themes to be addressed are:
Q1: How will you develop and enhance provision to meet the national and regional economic need?
Q2: How will you actively promote and raise awareness of the Apprenticeship programme?
Q3: How will you increase the participation of apprentices entering or re-entering the labour market onto the programme?
Q4: How will you use self-assessment systems to evaluate the quality of delivery and how will these drive continuous improvement in learners’ experiences?
Q5: What is your approach and commitment to continuing professional development for staff delivering Apprenticeships?
Q6: What teaching, assessment and support processes and procedures will you implement to enable all learners to reach their full potential?

If you would like Carley Consult to support you in your application to this framework and receive a more detailed opportunity summary please either email or call 01302 361630.