Following a Freedom of Information Act Request by Carley Consult, we can confirm that 35 different providers tabled submissions to be part of DWP’s UAEHRS Framework. This amounted to over 100 applications for consideration across the 6 geographical Lots. The most heavily subscribed Lot was Southern England, attracting 21 applications. The Home Counties, Central England, and North East England Lots all attracted 20 applications each.  North West England and Wales Lots attracted just 15 applications each. 28 of the bidders have been confirmed through our request, although the identities of the 7 other bidders have not been disclosed, as they had cited the fact that they had submitted a response as a matter of commercial sensitivity to DWP. The table below provides a breakdown of known bidders. A tick indicates each submission for each bidder; a cross a Lot which they did not bid for, and; a “Q” a Lot on which they qualified onto the UAEHRS framework. (Click the table to expand it)