Traineeships Procurement – Are you ready?

In the government’s Plan for Jobs, a £111 million investment was promised to triple the number of traineeships available. The Department for Education published a PIN set to engage providers in a procurement opportunity to deliver 19 to 24 adult education budget (AEB) funded traineeships. Details about traineeship opportunities for 16 to 18-year-olds is expected shortly.

The DfE are expected to be looking for providers with enough capacity and a strong delivery model, with a route to employer relationships to secure quality traineeships.

Traineeships will provide a minimum of 70 hours of work experience, lasting from 6weeks to a year and will be suitable for those that have little or no work experience but are motivated to work.  The procurement will likely focus on the following three elements, with trainee support running throughout:

  1. The starting point and initial assessment.
  2. Learning.
  3. Work Placement.

Progression of the trainee is key so looking at where the trainee could potential go next and being able to track this is likely to be highly scored during the exercise.

If you would like to secure Carley Consults support for this procurement or you would like to register to receive more information as and when it becomes available please get in touch by either emailing or calling 01302 361630.