The OJEU for Traffic Management Technology 3 (now TTASS) is expected in Summer 2020. Following various market engagement events undertaken by the CCS there are several key points to update.

Traffic Management Technology 3 (TMT3) has become Transport Technology and Associated Services (TTAS) to reflect the emphasis on transport and not just traffic technology.

The new framework will provide a simplified lot structure (reduced to 5 from 15) and have a broader scope to include; aviation, marine, rail and road.

There will be a greater focus on sustainable transport technologies and smart cities and the maximum call-off duration will be five years.

The five lots are likely to be:

Lot 1: Urban Traffic and Pedestrian Control

Lot 2: Transport Data Services

Lot 3: Roadside Furniture

Lot 4: Sustainable Transport Technologies

Lot 5: Catalogue (items that fall out of the scope of the above lots).

The CCS has also advised that they have noted a desire for customers to buy commodity tech products as a solution via one procurement process which they have taken on board and will test further in workstream activities.

We will provide further updates once information is released.