At a market engagement event in late June, the DWP outlined eight characteristics a good supplier would need. The following is criterion seven:

“Commitment to increase and improve digital services as part of DWP’s ambition to be the most effective and efficient delivery organisation in the public sector.”

But what does the DWP mean when it talks about a commitment to increase and improve digital services? Certainly more than a slightly tweaked case management platform, built to service relatively low volumes of the long-term unemployed.

A viable bidder requires a new approach to digital enablement, one that gives users sophisticated job searching tools while ensuring compliance and progress monitoring. In other words, a system that combines powerful, scalable case management with a self-service jobseeker portal. The alignment of these two factors will enable people to find suitable jobs quickly, that they will remain in for the long-term.

Aptem Employ is technology’s response to growing unemployment in the UK and your answer to making a compelling bid. It is the only platform in the marketplace that offers both case management and a jobseeker portal.

With Aptem Employ, users can search across all job boards and agencies, assist in CV writing, target the job pages of their favourite employers, track applications and search for their social media skeletons. Aptem Employ’s advice centre has eLearning resources which can help users identify their skills, reframe their mindset, write the best CV, ace their job interview and more.

Work coaches will be supported by a system that allows them to have full sight of their caseload and the progress each applicant is making with their job-search, so that they can support situationally and appropriately.

A SaaS, Microsoft Azure-hosted platform, Aptem Employ offers scalability, cutting edge security and advanced data analytics to track progress and organisational performance.

We know that when job seekers and their providers are given the interactive tools, tracking information and insights to aid their job search, the results are impressive. Aptem Employ:

  • Reduced time it took jobseekers to find work by 50%
  • Enabled 62% to find a job within three months, compared to an industry average of 20%
  • Ensured jobseekers were 67% more likely to get a job.

The sheer volume of work needed to stave off mass unemployment in the Autumn is daunting. But technology can close the circle of need. We know the DWP believes in the power of technology to transform lives. Why not take a look and see if we can help?

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