Following on from last Friday’s announcement Carley Consult have uploaded some useful briefing notes on the up and coming NCS opportunity.

Buyer/Commissioner: The NCS Trust

Opportunity Title: NCS Recommissioning Programme – Selection Stage – 3 opportunities

Contract Term: July 2019 – December 31st 2023 (plus 2 years optional)

Specification/Scope of Work/Location:

The NCS Programme:
The main NCS programme is a once-in-a lifetime experience delivered over 3-4 weeks in Summer and Autumn for young people aged 16-17 with four phases:
• Phase 1: “Adventure”. Young people stay away from their local area and take on challenges in an outdoor environment, with a focus on developing confidence and team building
• Phase 2: “Discovery”. Young people again stay away but closer to home, typically at a local university hall of residence, building independence (often cooking and budgeting for themselves), developing new skills and finding out more about their own talents and the needs of their local community.
• Phase 3: “Social Action”. Young people are back at home, but continue to work in their teams to give something back to their community by planning and delivering their own 30 hour social action project. Upon completion of the programme, each participant and their parents or guardians are invited to a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievements and receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister.
• Phase 4: “Extension” Ongoing opportunities to continue the NCS journey through further social action and volunteering, participation in regional and national Youth Boards, apprenticeship and job opportunities and more.

The current structure of nineteen regions will be consolidated into nine regions and will be delivered through a new service model comprising a mix of Direct and Indirect contracting models.

The following contracts will support the future service model:
• Direct Model – The Trust steps into the regional management role in three regions and
procures recruitment and delivery through specialists. The Trust will contract directly with local Delivery Partners, thereby ensuring the national strategy is delivered consistently through to the local level. Two types of contract are available – Recruitment Partner and Delivery Partner. A structure to enable organisations to play to their strengths. There is opportunity to bid for end-to-end delivery to include recruitment services.
• Indirect Model – In six regions, the outsourced regional management layer seeks to
leverage market expertise. The Trust will contract with regional Management Partners, each holding a contract covering recruitment, programme delivery and extension. In this model, Management Partners will contract directly with local delivery partners within their region. One type of contract is available – Management Partner – A refined version of the current network structure. The contract will cover school engagement, recruitment, programme delivery and extension.

Managing Partner (Indirect Model) – deadline 29th October 2018 at 11am

This procurement seeks to award six regional contracts for Management Partners to provide the end to end customer journey from recruitment to programme delivery
and extension, and comprising the following responsibilities:
• Manage recruitment of young people from obtaining expressions of interest and sales leads through sign-up through to turn-up via a robust retention plan
• Establish strong relationships with schools, colleges and non-school channels
• Manage the NCS programme from planning the programme activities and logistics for the phases, to the delivery of the NCS programme
• Identify, manage and develop delivery partners to deliver the NCS programme (where applicable)
• Hire, train and maintain recruitment and delivery workforce
• Manage of their supply chain and contractual relationships (where applicable)
• Quality assure activities throughout the customer journey
• Manage safeguarding, health and safety and incident management
• Organise and run Graduate events including Local Youth Boards, Local Action Groups and Action Days.

The Management Partner can deliver the services through a number of different operating
models to most effectively deliver the requirements including:
• Outsource all or part of NCS programme delivery to a network of local suppliers
• Outsource both recruitment and delivery to a network of local delivery suppliers
• Deliver the whole customer journey.

Management Partner contracts will be awarded on a regional basis as follows:
• Lot 1 – East Midlands – £17m – £84m
• Lot 2 – East – £20m – £97m
• Lot 3 – North West – £25m – £122m
• Lot 4 – South East – £24m – £117m
• Lot 5 – West Midlands – £21m – £101m
• Lot 6 – Yorkshire and the Humber – £18m – £89m

Delivery Partner – deadline 2nd November 2018 at 11am

This procurement seeks to award multiple contracts across three regions for Delivery Partners to deliver the NCS programme comprising the following responsibilities:
• Plan NCS programme activities and logistics for all phases
• Manage recruitment and training of a seasonal delivery workforce
• Delivery of the NCS programme
• Manage safeguarding, health and safety and incident management
• Optional end-to-end programme delivery and field sales recruitment through schools, colleges and non-school engagement, regional events to participant sign-up and conversion.

Delivery Partner contracts will be awarded on a Local Authority/Localities basis (details in the specification.)

• London Lot 1 – £3.2M – £18M
• London Lot 2 – £1.5M – £12M
• London Lot 3 – £1.6M – £13M
• London Lot 4 – £2.8M – £16M
• London Lot 5 – £3.2M – £18M
• London Lot 6 – £3.2M – £18M
• London Lot 7 – £1.7M – £13M
• London Lot 8 – £2.3M – £15M
• London Lot 9 – £2.3M – £15M
• London Lot 10 – £1.8M – £13M
• London Lot 11 – £2.6M – £16M
• Lot 12 – North East Lot 1 – £3.5M – £19M
• Lot 13 – North East Lot 2 – £2.4M – £15M
• Lot 14 – North East Lot 3 – £1.7M – £13M
• Lot 15 – South West Lot 1 – £1.9M – £14M
• Lot 16 – South West Lot 2 – £2.9M – £17M
• Lot 17 – South West Lot 3 – £2.2M – £14M
• Lot 18 – South West Lot 4 – £3.7M – £20M
• Lot 19 – South West Lot 5 – £3.7M – £20M

Recruitment Partner (Direct Model) – deadline 31st October 2018 at 11am
The Recruitment Partner (Supplier) is responsible for the delivery of services to maximise the take up of the NCS Programme by young people. The Supplier must plan, manage and deliver the overall recruitment strategy for the selected region.

Providing field sales services comprising the following responsibilities:
• Plan, manage and deliver the overall recruitment strategy
• Establish strong relationships with schools, colleges and non-school channels
• Generate expressions of interest through events, school and college engagement and
• regional recruitment campaigns
• Manage sign-ups of young people (Contact centre functionality supporting
• conversion and retention will be provided by the Trust)
• Hire, train and maintain recruitment workforce

Recruitment partner contracts will be awarded on the following basis:
• Lot 1 – London – £1.8m – £20m
• Lot 2 – South West – £2m – £11m
• Lot 3 – North East – £1m – £6m

Required Bid Elements:
• SQ Responses on Bravo Portal
• Reputation Pass / Fail
• Scored narrative responses in the technical & professional ability:
o Relevant experience and case studies – 250 words per case study
o Quality Management – 500 words (not for Delivery Partners contracts)
o Local Community experience – 500 words
o Working with Young People – 500 words
o Recruitment – 500 words
o Safeguarding – 500 words
o Data & Information Security – 350 words
• Contract Letting Process Agreements sign and upload

Bid Evaluation Criteria: 100% Quality at SQ stage
5 – 100% – Excellent – An excellent response that meets or exceeds the Trust’s expectations, as:
The response contains no weaknesses, inconsistencies or omissions, and the evidence provided is highly relevant and suggests that the Potential Supplier has the required experience / capability. The response represents no risk to the Trust for the delivery of the Services required.

Score allocated to each question at a different weighting dependant on contract applied for.

Shortlisting: The Trust intends to invite five (5) Potential Suppliers per Lot to submit a tender response (shortlisted Potential Suppliers). Where 5 of fewer suppliers pass the SQ, the Trust intends to shortlist all potential suppliers.