Test and Learn DPS: Local Supported Employment

Test and Learn DPS: Local Supported Employment 

Are you DWP accredited on the Test and Learn DPS? If not, you could miss out on upcoming procurement opportunities such as the Local Supported Employment contract.

The DWP are looking to design and procure Local Supported Employment (LSE) to provide high quality supported employment for people with a learning disability or autism, who are known to adult social care or those in contact with secondary mental health services.

DWP completed a series of pre-procurement engagement events late 2019 to support the development of the Local Supported Employment (LSE) Trial. This trial builds on the proof of concept DWP delivered in partnership with 9 Local Authorities in 2018.

This contract will be procured through the DWP’s Test and Learn Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) along with other future provision that cover to support those with complex barriers to employment to move into sustainable work. These opportunities will only be made available on the Test and Learn DPS and only to DWP accredited suppliers.
To become accredited there will be two ‘envelopes’ to be completed: qualification; and technical.

• The qualification envelope contains on the organisation such a legal structure, financial information and questions relating to grounds for mandatory and discretionary exclusion.

• The technical envelope contains accreditation questions for the service lines that relate to what the organisation has experience and expertise in:
o Support offered;
o Geographic area;
o Target groups;
o Areas of expertise such as disabilities and health conditions.

Suppliers are encouraged to submit an application as early as possible via the e-procurement portal BRAVO: https://dwp.bravosolution.co.uk

If you are interested in becoming registering on the Test and Learn DPS and would like assistance in becoming DWP accredited ahead of the Local Supported Employment procurement get in touch by emailing info@carleyconsult.co.uk or 01302 361630.

Key Dates

The DPS will close on the 31st July 2020.

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