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  1. This Licence constitutes an agreement between the licensee and Carley Consult Ltd. By signing this licence, your organisation (the licensee) agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions in full. The person signing this licence acknowledges and confirms that they have the consent of their organisation to enter into a contractual agreement with Carley Consult Ltd, and that they have read and understood these Terms & Conditions in full. This licence may not be transferred, sub-licensed or otherwise assigned without the express consent of Carley Consult Ltd. The licence will begin on a date confirmed by to you, usually the week after your order has been received and processed.
  2. The licensee is liable for the accuracy of all data supplied to Carley Consult Ltd in relation to the subscription. Carley Consult will accept no liability for any failure to deliver The Tender Tracker where inaccurate contact information has been supplied by the licensee. It is the licensee’s responsibility to inform Carley Consult Ltd in writing of any change of contact details during the subscription period should, for example, the licensee wishes to nominate an alternate e-mail account for receipt of The Tender Tracker. Any data supplied to Carley Consult by the licensee will not be passed to third parties for any reason.
  3. The licensee has consent to distribute The Tender Tracker electronically and/or by hard copy to other permanent employees of the licensee. Any employee or recipient who obtains a copy of The Tender Tracker in this way will be subject to, and bound by, these terms and conditions. The licence does not give consent for The Tender Tracker to be distributed to any person who is not a permanent employee of the licensee. This includes employees of parent companies, subsidiaries, and sibling entities. The sale of editions of The Tender Tracker, or any content derived from The Tender Tracker, to third parties by the licensee is expressly prohibited.
  4. The licensee agrees to the annual subscription fee of £450+VAT for the Tender Tracker, or at a promotional price as otherwise agreed with Carley Consult, which will be due upon signing this license. The Licensee is entitled to a 14 day ‘cancellation period’ from the date entered on the order form, of which 100% refund will apply for any monies paid. Carley Consult will alternatively raise an invoice to this end to the licensee. The licensee agrees to pay all Carley Consult Ltd invoices within 30 days of date of issue, unless otherwise explicitly agreed. Carley Consult reserves the right to withhold services where any payment owing from the licensee may be overdue. If payment is made by standing order, the licensee will provide evidence of its establishment; either a screen-shot or a bank confirmation letter.
  5. You can cancel a standing order at any time, online or by writing to your Bank or Building Society (please also send a copy of your letter to; Carley Consult LTD, 4 Nidd House, Richmond Business Park, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5NL).
  6. Subscriptions may be renewed prior to expiry of the initial Term. Standing orders will be renewed automatically at the end of the initial term (and at the end of any subsequent term) unless you notify us in writing, not less than 30 days before the expiry of the term, that you wish to end your subscription.
  7. The subscription fee covers a 12-month period from 1st of the following month after the date of confirmation, and you will be notified of each publication by email. The licensee is not entitled to any full or partial refund should it choose to cancel its subscription at any point within this 12-month period. Any alternate licence period must be separately agreed, albeit the renewal provisions of these Terms & Conditions will continue to apply, with automatic renewal occurring within 2 weeks of the end of the licence term.
  8. Carley Consult Ltd shall not be liable for any indirect special or consequential loss, or loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of use, loss of contracts, loss of anticipated savings or for any economic or financial loss whatsoever and howsoever suffered, experienced by the licensee. Carley Consult Ltd does not warrant the quality or accuracy of any information or documentation contained within The Tender Tracker, or on websites published within The Tender Tracker. Carley Consult Ltd makes no guarantee as to any minimum number of opportunities that may be listed in any one edition of The Tender Tracker. Whilst Carley Consult Ltd will make every endeavour to capture all opportunities pertinent to the publicly funded employability and skills market in the United Kingdom within The Tender Tracker, it does not guarantee that opportunity listings within The Tender Tracker are exhaustive.
  9. Should Carley Consult Ltd have evidence or reasonable suspicion that the licensee has acted in breach of these terms and conditions, they reserve the right to withhold further access to The Tender Tracker indefinitely. The licensee has no entitlement to any refund where the terms and conditions have been breached.
  10. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and any disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England. Any correspondence regarding these terms and conditions should be addressed to Carley Consult Ltd.