TAEN, The Age and Employment Network, has been commissioned by the DWP to produce and disseminate a new 50+ Good Practice Guide, and have asked Carley Consult to help them engage potential users to review the prototype. The Guide is primarily designed to help front line staff in prime contractor organisations, and their sub-contractors, who are may find themselves advising and helping older jobseekers to return to work. Chris Ball, the Chief Executive of TAEN, said: “We have been keen from the start of the project in March to involve the users of the Guide in its development.  We believe they should have a leading voice and a significant role in helping us provide a tool which is useful to them.  And that’s exactly what has happened.  As a result of our research and the feedback we’ve had from organisations and their advisers and trainers, we concluded that the Guide should be a web-based tool so that it can be easily accessed and will be easy to update and maintain going forward.” The Guide will be launched on 1st July 2010. TAEN would like to hear from anyone in a provider organisation who could spare an hour or two to review the prototype remotely. Please call TAEN on 020 7843 1590 or e-mail them on info@taen.org.uk if you would like to participate.