T-Levels Wave 3

T Levels Wave 3 

Providers can now bid to deliver T-Levels in the third year of their roll out. Expressions of interest have been invited from high performing providers who want to deliver the new technical qualifications for 16 to 18 years old in 2022-23.

Eight new T-Levels, in sectors including legal, accounting and manufacturing, will be available in addition to the ten T-Levels that will be on offer from 2020-21. Fifty providers are due to deliver the first wave of T-Levels from September 2020.



Only providers funded by ESFA for 16 to 19 study programmes with qualifying students are eligible to deliver T Levels from 2022 to 2023. There is no restriction on the type of provider that can express an interest provided they meet the criteria below.

Providers will need to be registered with the DfE sign in (for at least two weeks before submitting their application) and will be able to submit one expression of interest per institution.

Providers meeting the criteria below are invited to express an interest in delivering T Levels to 2022 to 2023 academic year. Providers who express an interest will need to:

  • Have an Ofsted overall effectiveness rating of Good or Outstanding.
  • Providers who do not yet have an Ofsted rating must be able to demonstrate that they have n equivalent standard of quality.
  • Have at least satisfactory financial health.
  • Currently be delivered to a minimum of 10 students per T Level route they apply to deliver.

DfE have indicated that they wish to select providers with some experience of delivering classroom-based provision. DfE have also stated that they reserve the right to exclude any provider with a Financial Notice to Improve (FNTI), Notice to Improve (NTI), or Notice of Concern (NoC) in place, where a provider is at risk of financial difficulty or where there are any other known issues that could prevent or affect quality delivery.

T Level Routes

T Level Route Sector Subject Area (SSA) T Level Pathway and Outline Content
Digital 6.1 ICT practitioners

9.3 Media and communication

Digital support and services,
Digital business services,
Digital production, design and
Construction 5.1 Architecture

5.2 Building and construction 5.3 Urban, rural and regional planning

Onsite construction,
Building services engineering,
Design, surveying and planning
Education and Childcare 1.5 Child development and well-being

13.1 Teaching and lecturing 13.2 Direct learning support

Health and Science 1.1 Medicine and dentistry

1.2 Nursing and subjects and vocations allied to medicine health and social care

2.1 Science

Healthcare science,
Legal, Finance and Accounting 15.1 Accounting and finance 15.5 Law and legal services Legal,
Business and Administration 15.2 Administration

15.3 Business management

Management and
Human resources
Engineering and Manufacturing 4.1 Engineering

4.2 Manufacturing technologies

Design and development,
Manufacturing, processing and
Maintenance, installation and


Bid Writing Support

If you are a provider who would like support with your application register your interest below for further updates or to guarantee your bid writing support from Carley Consult you can request a call off contract. Please either call direct on 01302 361630 or register below.

Key Dates

29th January 2020: Issue of ITT
5th February 2020: SQ Submission Deadline
17th April 2020: Tender Clarification Deadline
28th April 2020: Tender Submission Deadline
11th – 21st September 2020: Potential suppliers notified of award decision. Standstill period observed.
1st October 2020: Contract Commencement

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