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Public services are reliant on outsourced recruitment support. There are over 70,000 temporary agency staff employed within the public sector, on a casual, seasonal, and fixed term basis, alongside permanent posts filled by agencies. Education and health, alongside Central Government, have the highest demand. Agencies typically must become registered on preferred supplier frameworks to access these markets. Recruitment firms are also increasingly involved in other public services, such as employment and training.

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Carley Consult has delivered business development services to a range of recruitment sector clients, including Randstad, Staffline Group, Optima UK, and CPL Recruitment. We have also assisted clients in directly recruiting bid professionals into their own teams.

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NHS Professionals (NHSP)

The Department of Health (DH), has sought a private sector partner to take over NHSP, a private company fully owned by the Secretary of State for Health. NHSP is one of the largest suppliers of flexible staffing to the NHS, with a bank of over 80,000 workers providing services to 57 client Trusts. We supported the Staffline Group, a major recruitment company, in the submission of a successful PQQ response for this opportunity.


We supported CPL Recruitment, a national recruitment agency in Ireland, working in collaboration with Maximus, an international employability provider, to develop competitive tender responses for JobPath. JobPath is a major employability programme in the Republic of Ireland. We assisted in blending the competency of both partners, drawing upon their employer links and recruitment capabilities, to develop a highly competitive response.