Modern Apprenticeships £243 million – Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland are inviting bids to deliver Modern Apprenticeships for 2021-22 with the option for two 1-year extensions.  The buyer anticipates that the total contract spend could be £243million.

The deadline for submissions is the 16th November.

There will be four lots.  Bidders can bid for Lot 1, 2 or 3 separately or a combination of these.  Bidding for Lot 4 precludes providers from bidding for Lots 1-3.

Lot 1: Modern Apprenticeship Services – Provider – Lowland and Uplands

Lot 2: Modern Apprenticeship Services – Provider – Highlands and Islands

Lot 3: Modern Apprenticeship Services – Provider – South of Scotland

Lot 4: Modern Apprenticeship Services – Employers

There is a requirement to provide examples of contracts that have previously been delivered that will be assessed on a pass/fail basis.  Contracts that will not result in exclusion are those that are same or similar services to modern apprenticeships, SVQ/CBQs, either whole or partial, and core/career skills.  Short courses, in-house certificated training, Employability Fund or Fair Start Scotland would not be deemed as similar. There will also be a narrative response (up to eight A4 pages worth) required for:

  • Retention of participants.
  • Employer engagement.
  • Equality.
  • Fair work practices.

Skills Development Scotland shall allocate volumes for each contracting year (1 April to 31 March) in a ranked order for each occupational group within each lot and using the total combined percentage score achieved from the narrative responses.

If you would like to secure Carley Consult’s support for your application please get in touch by either calling 01302 361630 or email and we will be happy to talk through your requirements .