Established over 35 years, the Seetec Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of Government funded employability, skills and justice contracts. With an annual turnover of £150 million, our 2,500 staff deliver life-changing services from over 200 centres. The Seetec Group includes the following specialist companies

Seetec Pluss Ltd: (employability) Our recent acquisition of one of the UK’s leading disability employment specialists, Pluss CIC, has allowed us to align our own infrastructure with the expertise of an award winning social enterprise company. Seetec Pluss delivers an extensive range of employability contracts and programmes that includes DWP Work and Health Programme and an extensive range of Big Lottery, ESF and local programmes which build the life chances of individuals, including those with disabilities, by enabling them to compete for and sustain suitable employment. We will be seeking high-quality partners who can support us on opportunities which will be released via the new DWP Umbrella Agreement and devolved regions

Seetec Outsource Training and Skills Ltd: In May 2016 Seetec acquired Outsource Training. Now fully integrated into the Seetec Group, Seetec Outsource delivers skills, apprenticeships and adult education and brings to our skills offer the combined expertise, professional networks, employer relationships and 35 years of experience of a Grade 2 Ofsted provider which has trained over 500,000 people and supported 8,000 organisations across a range of sectors. Most recently, we have started delivering Adult Education Budget in devolved areas such as Greater Manchester, Liverpool Combined Authority and the West of England. We will be seeking high-quality partners who can support us on apprenticeships, Adult Education Budget and other skills related opportunities both nationally and via the devolved regions

Seetec Justice: Seetec Justice has delivered rehabilitation and criminal justice services in prison and the community Kent Surrey and Sussex to reduce reoffending and protect service users and communities since 2015.  In February 2019 the MOJ appointed Seetec to manage probation services in South West England and Wales, and we are now the second largest provider of Probation Services in the UK. We will be seeking high-quality partners who can support us on the forthcoming Probation bids and frameworks

Register as a potential supply chain partner:

We recognise that we cannot deliver all our services in isolation and we will be seeking partners to support our work. If you have not already done so, please indicate your interest in working with us by registering on our Partnership Opportunities Portal and providing some brief details about your organisation. This will enable you to tell us the type and location of contracts which would be of interest and us to notify you when matching opportunities arise.

For those of you who have registered before April 2019 please ensure that you have updated your details and due diligence documents.

The link to our Partnership Opportunities Portal can be found here:

The deadline for applications is close of Business 16th December 2019.