RoATP Reopening Announced

The Register for Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), or a possible replacement, is expected to re-open for new applications between April and June 2021.

A roadmap, released by the ESFA via Twitter, indicates that a “new service for providers to apply to join the register online” is currently in-development. The register was previously closed by the ESFA for new entrants back in April, officially stating Covid-19 as the reason for this, but the move was also viewed as an opportunity to review the approach. It is not yet fully clear if providers who are already registered on RoATP may need to refresh or renew their application under the new arrangements.

The roadmap includes new developments for the Apprenticeship Service and includes a stage of transition between April to June 2021 where “employers and training providers can move apprentices to new versions of standards through the service”.  As a requirement of a new RoATP service, this may require providers to be “accredited” for the apprenticeship standards they offer – raising the bar for new entrants who may not have delivered apprenticeships before.

The ESFA’s roadmap can be found here:

Carley Consult anticipates that their support to help providers apply to join RoATP will be in demand when it re-opens, given our 100% success rates for applications to the existing RoATP service.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further by either calling 01302 361630 or emailing