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Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)

Carley Consult offers a fixed rate RoATP Application service to Employers and Providers across the UK.

Whether you are an existing provider or a new organisation looking to get on RoATP Register, Carley Consult can assist you with the application process. Our service includes creation of the narrative answers, a check of your policies/procedures, and a support on the fact-filling answers.

We have an 100% success rate in supporting the production of RoATP applications, the first step of which involves providing our clients with:

  • Model responses to the narrative questions, with highlighted gaps for you to fill.
  • An attachment checklist, providing a breakdown of what needs to be submitted, and clear guidelines for the information you must contain.

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How we assist with your RoATP Application

  • Tailor-made model responses to reflect the unique features of your organisation.
  • Recommend any necessary changes to your policies and procedures to ensure they align with ESFA Requirements. 

Why choose Carley Consult to support your RoATP Application

  • We have a 100% success rate based on previous applications submitted.
  • Unrivaled knowledge and understanding of the RoATP Process and what makes a successful application.
  • We make time to understand your business before creating your application.
  • Our in-house RoATP Experts will support you through the process step by step.
  • We have a quality ISO9001 accreditation.

If you are an employer or provider delivering fantastic apprenticeships and want to be able to win more bids, call Carley Consult today on 01302 361630

Did you know…

Since the introduction of the RoATP Register, Carley Consult has a 100% success rate in supporting apprenticeship providers with their applications.

Key Dates

Key deadlines for the RoATP refresh are:

May Submissions – 31st May 2019

June Submissions – 30th June 2019

July Submissions – 31st July 2019

August Submissions – 31st July 2019

Invitations to re-register for organisations already on RoATP register will be made in phases across 2019

Services available

RoATP Full Application Support

Designed to support companies unfamiliar with the application process, those who may have limited internal capacity, or those who simply want to commission Carley Consult to develop an application on their behalf, full application support includes the assignment of an APMP Qualified Consultant to your application for a minimum of 5 days. Please fill in the contact form below for further information.

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Frequently asked questions

We have helped 62 organisations produce applications to join the RoATP, most of which were not Ofsted inspected and many of which had no track record of providing apprenticeship training prior to making their applications. Subsequently we have helped 40 organisations secure over £30m of funding to provide apprenticeship training to non-levy paying employers.

Since the introduction of the RoATP Register, Carley Consult has a 100% success rate.

Yes, we are flexible and happy to provide an end to end service or a review and improve service, based on your preference.

It depends on the service you require i.e. full application or review and improve. We typically work on a day-rate of £75+VAT per hour, but are happy to work to a fixed price once we have agreed the scope of service we are providing.

As part of our ISO9001 quality process we employ an independent consultant to conduct client satisfaction surveys for each assignment we deliver. We are comfortable sharing some of this feedback at this stage, and if you decide that you wish to commission us to produce your application we would be happy to provide customer contacts for a reference before you commit.

Read the RoATP application questions, decide how you can demonstrate your compliance and collect evidence to support your case. Pay attention to mandatory requirements e.g. ICO registration, and complete the financial health check to ensure you will pass that based on your most recent financial statements.