Over the last few months speculation about the RoATP refresh has been rife.  Chances are you’re reading this because you are a) either on the list, b) want to re-submit your application to join the register or c) are new to giving being on the list a go.

Speculation as to why the list is being released varies from the unwieldy nature of managing a register of 2,000 providers through to the unrealistic pressure on Ofsted resources to monitor delivery as well as the cost implications of effectively quality managing so many varied providers.

In anticipation of the register re-opening, Carley Consult have been fielding questions with existing clients about what providers may now need to provide. Previous questions focused on safeguarding, leadership management, staffing, delivery of apprenticeships and quality. Although it is yet unclear what the new application paperwork will look like, Carley Consult anticipate that there may potentially be more questions to field and that the criteria and scoring threshold providers will need to meet may be more challenging than the previous round.

Getting on this list is a fundamental part of many providers core business.  Turnaround times for this refresh are likely to be tight and Carley Consult recommends that companies begin to think about how they will programme turning around robust and succinct applications.  Carley Consult have a range of product offers to suit individual providers and ensure delivery of the application on time and to a high standard.

In preparation of the RoATP refresh round Carley Consult are inviting any provider wanting to receive up to the minute notification of latest RoATP news and when the application process re-opens to sign up here.