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Quality Assurance

Public services are highly regulated, ensuring integrity, safety, and taxpayer value for money. Attaining recognised standards in advance can be a prerequisite of service delivery in some markets, whilst in others, suppliers are subject to mandatory period inspection. This creates opportunities for suppliers of assessment and accreditation services, as well as a support services market to help contractors put in place the necessary quality assurance systems to meet required standards.

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“Carley Consult’s excellent work and commitment has been central to the development of the Merlin Standard as a nationally recognised and widely respected product with a positive future within welfare and beyond.”

Alan Cave, Former Contracted Customer Services Director, DWP.

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DWP Merlin Standard

We were contracted by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), to design and test the Merlin Standard, an accreditation aimed to assess the supply chain behaviours of prime contractors of employability provision. The project involved widespread industry consultation in developing the standard, 21 pilot assessments of DWP prime contractors, and the design and build of the original Merlin Standard web portal.

Work Choice Quality Assurance

We provided a rolling quality assurance and continuous improvement service to CDG WISE Ability for their DWP Work Choice prime contract in Hampshire and The Isle of Wight, supporting people with disabilities to secure work. We undertook quality monitoring of subcontracted partners; developed a Quality Improvement Plan; undertook governance audits; implemented operating procedures, and; completed contract wide self-assessments.