CogniSoft YETI is a trusted and proven touchpoint CRM for National Careers Service Contractors with full integration to the CDS and built in claims reporting.

A Stable Solution with a Proven Record

Since the inception of NCS delivery in 2014, YETI has supported 5 of the 7 current Area Based Contractors and helped them successfully deliver and manage their contracts.

CogniSoft has a detailed understanding of the NCS claims, reporting and CDS processes and this knowledge is embedded in the system, providing a reliable and robust solution for the touchpoint CRM that’s ready to support an out of the box implementation for new contractors.

CDS Integration

CogniSoft has worked with the ESFA throughout the current contract period to develop and refine the touchpoint/CDS integration, ensuring YETI meets all aspects of the CDS Code of Connection.

From creating new records for submission to CDS to sending and receiving customer details updates, action plans and more, YETI will meet your CDS data requirements in full and is ready to go from day one.

Claims Export

YETI is pre-configured with all the tools necessary to record and evidence your outcomes and can be linked with your telephony solutions for voice evidence.  The claim is auto-compiled throughout the period will full validation, error checking and audit trail, and the XML generated for upload to the ESFA hub.

Integrated NCS business rules, including rolling year outcome formulae, help to manage recording processes.  YETI also handles requirements for other exported data sets, such as Ipsos MORI, DWP and ESF.

Powerful Reporting Tools

YETI combines with a powerful suite of reporting tools to ensure users are able to generate accurate, real-time, multi-layer Management Information.  YETI’s built-in, comprehensive suite of reports includes MI 21, MI 68 and MI 96, giving analysis and reconciliation of submission data on outcomes, performance KPIs and published datasets.

Find out more

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