Procurement has been streamlined for HS2 through the development of a new system for assessing tenders, designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs for the HS2’s supply chain for main works civil contractors.

A standardised pre-qualification (PQ) system for subcontractors will be used by four of HS2’s Ltd biggest contractors in a bid to streamline the process, reduce costs and boost productivity. Developed as part of the HS2’s ‘Collaboration Hub’ initiative, it will used by the four main civils contractors: Align; BBV; EK and SCS Railways.

It has been estimated that the construction industry spends up to £1billion per year on procurement work and this system aims to avoid duplication and cut costs. As HS2 will represent approximately 11% of UK infrastructure spend over the next decade and will be the largest individual client in the sector, there is real opportunity within the supply chain.

The Collaboration Hub allows scope for HS2’s Main Civils Contractors to work together to find common approaches and initiatives, ensuring consistency across the programme.

Under the new trailblazing system, a supplier will be able to take the accreditation to any sector of the construction industry, beyond the rail sector. Not only will this reduce the costly, complex and repetitive burden the current procurement takes but improves standards across the board in the sector.

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For more information visit the HS2 Supply Chain Press Release.