The Prison Education Dynamic Purchasing System (PEDPS) is now open for applications. PEDPS is designed to complement the Ministry of Justice’s core Prison Education Framework, which is also currently being procured. PEDPS will be used by individual prison governors to primarily purchase short term, innovative education courses within their establishments. In this respect, the MoJ hopes that many smaller, specialist and third sector suppliers will apply to take part.

PEDPS will run for 6 years, with an indicative budget of £210m. Providers can apply to join PEDPS in one or more of 17 different delivery categories. Most of these categories relate to different vocational subjects, such as Catering & Hospitality or Cleaning & Facilities Management, but there are also broader categories covering Life Skills, Additional Learning Needs, IAG, and Resettlement Services. Suppliers can also specify the regions of the country where they have capability to deliver.

The initial window for applications to join PEDPS closes on 17th October, after which the MoJ will appoint initial suppliers. Approved PEDPS suppliers will then be able to bid to deliver call-off opportunities tabled by prison governors from the 9th November onwards. A second window for new suppliers to join PEDPS will also open at that time.

Carley Consult has a track record in helping clients to win funding with the MoJ. We have previously supported successful client campaigns to secure NOMS ESF and Transforming Rehabilitation (CRC) provision. We also have experience of successfully developing client applications for similar schemes, such as DWP’s Dynamic Purchasing System.

If you are thinking of applying to join the PEDPS but feel that you may need some expert help to navigate the application process and ensure the best prospect of being approved before the first mini-competitions commence, then please contact us today.

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