Pinnacle Group launches CAEHRS Partnership

Pinnacle Group are hugely excited about our co-creation of a formal new strategic joint venture partnership to deliver employment and health services in the UK, working with a leading employment services provider from the Australian market. Over the past six months the partnership has been collaborating to leverage the respective expertise, capacity, and capability of both organisations with the single purpose of providing a “best in class” response to the UK’s employment, health, and wellbeing challenges.

Pinnacle Group provides people-first services across a range of community-facing assets and infrastructure – including multi-tenure housing, schools, open spaces, public buildings, utilities and broadband networks – and also a wide spectrum of complementary and highly-inclusive health and well-being services on behalf of DWP. Pinnacle’s service provision supports over 300,000 households, 200 + schools, and 80+ public building across the UK. Our delivery solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each respective community but will always be characterised by a focus on comprehensiveness, seamlessness, integration, and accountability, to create long term community value.

Key to the Pinnacle Group family, Pinnacle People has been a trusted partner to DWP in delivering a wide range of employment focused solutions since its inception in 2008 and is a current Prime provider of DWP NEA. Pinnacle People have helped more than 50,000 customers to find sustained work through delivery of a range of community-led solutions which engage with customers in their communities, on their own terms and through an organisation they trust.

Our Australian partner supports thousands of people each year in more than 150 locations, and has a successful track record of delivering ‘frontline’ Government human services programs across; employment and welfare, community services, justice, education and training, allied health services, disability, youth, indigenous and refugees needs. The company delivers a range of employment and health programmes which are broadly equivalent to UK DWP core programmes. They are appointed to all 3 Government major program contracts (jobactive, Disability Employment Services and Community Development Programs in Australia), as well as complementary programmes (e.g. ParentsNext, Transition to Work, Time to Work Employment Service, Youth Jobs Path, Career Transition Assistance and Small Business and Entrepreneurship support). Their continued exemplary performance is demonstrated through outcome payments, Star Ratings and most importantly, individual customer successes.

Collectively, this partnership marries all the essential capacity and capability to deliver market leading employability provision in the UK. This includes effective delivery of multi-site area-based provision across large geographies, a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and highly effective supply chain systems. By combining know-how and innovation from the Australian market with an established community delivery presence and successful track record in the UK, our partnership is determined to deliver a real step-change in market performance. Our inclusive approach will incorporate opportunities for a new and diverse supply chain of employment and health providers, including SMEs and those from the VCSE sector, to work alongside them.

If you would like to be considered to work with us, please complete our Expression of Interest by Tuesday 21st July 2020.