North of Tyne Adult Education Budget (AEB)

North of Tyne Adult Education Budget (AEB)

North of Tyne Adult Education Budget (AEB) procurement has launched.  The deadline for submission of the complete tender will be the 13th December 2019.

North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) are aiming to support unemployed residents and workers into work through innovation and skills development, providing progression prospects both into work and within existing job roles and employment. The procurement will support skills within key growth sectors including: energy, offshore, and advanced manufacturing; digital and technology; health and life sciences; tourism, leisure and culture, and; financial and professional business services.

Funding allocation routes will be via grants and contracts. Where providers bid to secure contracts, bids must show value for money, flexibility and innovation, minimise duplication of wider provision, and secure social value across the region. There is no requirement to have any existing delivery within the region.

Lots available to bid for include the following:

Lot 1 – Unemployed: Provision is aimed at key target groups including those aged 19-24 and classed as not in education, employment and training, those aged 50+, the long-term unemployed, and those with barriers to work (e.g. disabilities and mental health conditions). The key aim of this Lot is to support local residents to engage with training and progress to a sustainable outcome such as further, higher-level learning or employment. The overall value of the Lot is £2,000,000, with a minimum contract value of £50,000 and a maximum contract value of £500,000.

• Lot 2 – Employed: Providers bidding for this Lot will need to detail whether their provision focuses on A) supporting those who are in low-paid and low-skilled work, B) increasing Level 2 and 3 qualifications, or both. This Lot focuses on supporting in-work progression, driving up earnings, reducing levels of in-work poverty and support, and increasing basic skills such as English, maths, and digital. The overall value of the Lot is £4,000,000, with a minimum contract value of £100,000 and a maximum contract value of £1,000,000.

• Lot 3 – Innovative: This Lot allows providers the opportunity to bid for pilot activity and ‘test and learn’ projects in order to support residents who face significant barriers to engagement or progression within learning or employment. All provision delivered through this Lot should provide learners with additional flexibility and intensity, and should be tailored to specific needs of residents. Key target groups include ex-offenders, those classed as NEET, BAME communities, those aged 50+, those who are homeless or care leavers, residents with special educational needs and disabilities, and those impacted by sudden changes to employment. The total value of this Lot is £600,000, with a minimum contract value of £25,000 and a maximum contract value of £150,000.

The contract awarded will be for one to two years with optional extension periods of another two to three years. This means that unsuccessful applicants at this round are likely to be ruled out of delivery for four years.

Bid Writing Support

If you are currently providing AEB support in North of Tyne, or are keen to do so, please register for further updates or to guarantee your bid writing support from Carley Consult you can request a call off contract. Please either call direct on 01302 361630 or register your details below.

More information will be published here as soon as it is available.

Did you know…

In 2019 Carley Consult won 27 bids in the devolved AEB competition worth £72million. Bids were in London, West Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool and Tees Valley.

Key Dates

November 4th 2019: Issue of OJEU Contract Notice for Publication

December 6th 2019: Deadline for submission of questions or requests for clarification

December 13th 2019: Deadline for submission of completed tender

February 7th 2020: Approval under scheme delegation

February 10th 2020: Preferred bidder precontract award

February 10th 2020 – March 2020:  Award Review

March 23rd 2020: Unsuccessful bidder notification

March 23rd – April 3rd 2020:  ALCATEL standstill period

April 6th 2020: Expected contract award date

August 1st 2020: Contract Start Date

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