The government spends hundreds-of-millions of pounds on recruitment and they pay their invoices within 30 days. If this alone is not enough to convince you to sign up to recruitment procurement frameworks, then here are nine more reasons to do so:

  1. Recruitment consultants will spend less time developing leadsContracts will be listed on the frameworks and you compete for them or they can be awarded directly, depending on the agreement. There are no long hours spent developing relationships with no results. It releases your recruitment consultants to spend more time on chargeable activity. 
  2. Your competitor is already accessing more opportunities by being listed: To find out if they are listed on frameworks, and which ones you take a look at the  Crown Commercial Service. If they are listed, and your business is not, they have an immediate competitive advantage having access to millions in government contracts. 
  3. Your competitor is not registered on government frameworks: Frameworks provide the opportunity to access new markets before your rivals, who might not be registered. This will mean you will be strides ahead for accessing new opportunities and ultimately sales.
  4. Status as a government-approved supplier: To become a supplier to the government there are certain standards that you must reach before being accepted onto frameworks. To be listed means that you have met these standards which can be used as leverage to convince new cautious buyers to take that leap of faith to work with you.  
  5. Improved procurement routes for existing clients: Existing clients could purchase quicker and easier through the frameworks which potentially might increase the volume of opportunities they create.
  6. You currently sub-contract for a larger provider: This is a useful short term solution if you missed the last framework application process but long term it may not be the best for your business and you will be losing out on direct commission and the recognition you deserve for winning contracts.
  7. It is a great opportunity for SME’s: Government has already committed to spending 33% of public sector procurement directly with SMEs by 2022. This is an increase on an earlier target of 25% by 2015, which would suggest the government has seen real tangible benefits of working with more SMEs. 
  8. Your clients want to use a framework to buy from you: This makes transactions very easy for both you and the client and your recruitment consultants spend less time nurturing deals and more time selling.
  9. Provides leverage for further sales: If you are successful in getting on frameworks then you can use this in sales and marketing. Even if you generate no leads directly from the framework it can still be a useful tool in your marketing strategy.  

 Frameworks can open new routes to businesses for recruitment agencies and reduce the amount of time invested in cultivating prospects, allowing you to focus on selling more.

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