The Mayor of London has released several grant opportunities worth £11.5 million.

Under the Mayor’s European Social Fund (ESF) 2019-2023 Programme (Round 2) three grant pots have been released which focus on:

  1. Parental Employment (£6.5m)
  2. Homelessness (£3m)
  3. Ex-offenders (£2m)

The deadline for applications is the 3rd April 2020 with the window for clarification questions running from 20th February to the 25th March 2020.

The parental employment project, worth £6.5 million, focuses on two areas: helping parents out of work to find (and sustain) jobs; helping parents on low pay to progress in work. The project will focus on working with employers to promote family friendly working practices and policies.

The Homelessness project, worth £3 million, aims to enable unemployed adults who are homeless to overcome barriers to employment and enter and sustain training, education or employment. The programme has been designed to complement other services supporting homeless people and ensure participants become work ready and able to access employment opportunities.

The Ex-Offender project, worth £2 million, aims to support ex-offenders with multiple and complex barriers that prevent them from entering and sustaining education, training and employment to become work ready and able to access employment opportunities. The programme will provide a package of personalised support to participants who have completed their statutory supervision, either on licence, post-sentence supervision or for a community disposal.

If you would be interested in learning more about these grants, please get in touch but emailing: or calling us on 01302 361630.