Who we are

Jobs 22 is an exciting new entity created by and jointly owned by Catch22 Charity Limited, a social business operating across all areas of the Welfare cycle in the UK, and the Angus Knight Group a major provider of human services across Australia for over 25 years, and skills provider in the UK. Jobs 22 will bring together the best of the third and private sectors with aligned values to deliver social and economic outcomes for British people. This is particularly important now as the effects of COVID-19 bite into the economy.

Commercial Agreement for the provision of Employment and Health Related Services (CAEHRS)

Jobs 22 successfully joined the CAEHRS framework as Tier 1 provider in Central England and Wales, and as a Tier 2 provider in Southern, North East and London & Home Counties regions as well as the National lot.

We are seeking partners to support us to deliver call off contracts from the CAEHRS programme, initially in Central England and Wales which are due for release imminently.

Chris Wright, Chief Executive Officer of Catch22, said: “Catch22 has a strong track record of delivering employability contracts and working with vulnerable communities to help them find work. This new venture allows us to take our local knowledge and experience in delivery and the expertise of Angus Knight, to help rescue the thousands of people who find themselves jobless in the current climate. There is a great fit between the organisations; we share the same values and are absolutely committed to helping young people through this current crisis – and beyond.”

Angus Knight Group Chairman, Michael Hobday, said: “Angus Knight Group is very excited to be joining with Catch22, a well-respected and experienced provider of services across the UK in forming Jobs 22. The UK is entering a difficult period where many talented people will be seeking a job. Jobs 22 will be there to assist and support them to quickly re-enter the work force. We believe that no one organisation has all the answers to getting people back to work, that’s where Jobs 22 will be different, it will bring.

Expression of Interest