Hampshire County Council Adult and Community Learning £5.2m

Hampshire County Council has launched the tender opportunity for their Adult and Community Learning provision framework.  The total annual value of the framework is estimated at £1.3, based on previous funding from the ESFA.  The total framework value for four years is estimated at £5.2m.

The deadline for submissions is 4th January 2021.  The framework will commence on the 1st May 2021 and will be for a period of two years and three months, with the option to extend for a further two years.

Hampshire County Council is seeking to deliver learning opportunities for adults aged 19+ within three distinct learning categories:

  1. Hampshire Thrives: targeted learning programmes to support family learning, English and math skills, digital inclusion, community cohesion and health and wellbeing.  It will target learners without a full L” and/or in receipt of IS or UC and/or have a learning difficulty and/or disability or wo are risk of/have mental health needs.
  2. Hampshire Works: Targeted learning to support individuals (19+) in receipt of UC to access employment, including those with LD and/or disabilities.  It will include support for English and maths skills.
  3. Hampshire Learns: Deliver universal non-targeted learning for wider ACL participation using the “Pound Plus” funding methodology.  The Pound Plus is when adult and community learning providers will be expected to continue to add value to the public contribution by attracting additional revenue and making costs savings (i.e. sponsorship, volunteer activities or sharing services etc.

The Council is aiming to provide a mix of in-house and external learning providers but inhouse providers will be contacted first when an opportunity to deliver is identified.  Once the learning provision by inhouse providers is established, the Council will call off from providers from the framework using mini competitions.

Responses to eligibility questions will be evaluated first, if failed then the tender will be rejected.

The Award Questions include::
Q1: Resources that will be in place to deliver the contract to ensure provision is meeting the service requirements.  (15%) and a 1000 word limit.
Q2: Describe how your organisation will deliver Adult Community Learning in accordance with the service specification (25%) and 1250 words.
Q3: Describe how you will approach managing the competence of your staff delivering on Adult Community Learning in accordance with the service specification. (30%) 1500 words
Q4: Outline how you will approach meeting the quality assurance requirements of the framework (30%) 1500 words.

If you would like to receive the Opportunity Summary or would like to secure Carley Consult’s support for your application please email info@carleyconsult.co.uk or call 01302 361630.