The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) plans to spend up to £100million per year, every year, for the next 10 years to help local residents gain skills that support job entry/progression. They are establishing a Multi-Supplier Flexible Procurement System to enable them to place orders for training and employment services including:

  • Accredited training in a variety of professions, up to level 6, to help people enter employment and advance within employment.
  • Non-accredited training and continuous professional development.
  • Work focussed information, advice, and guidance for young people, people in work, and vulnerable, marginalised, or underrepresented groups. 

The deadline for tender submission is the 2nd October. Bidders are required to submit a 59-page multi-part bid with up to 17,500 words of narrative to evidence their relevant ability, understanding, experience, skill, and the measures they will take to ensure high quality service delivery.

These bid requirements are similar to those set in recent devolved AEB tenders; requirements we understand and are able to confidently address. Carley Consult produced 31 winning bids that secured over £75million for our clients in the GMCA, GLA, WMCA, LCR and NTCA devolved AEB competitions.

 f you would like Carley Consult to support your bid or if you would like to receive a more detailed opportunity summary for this tender please email or call 01302 361630.