As the CCS start to prepare to open the 12th iteration of the G-Cloud framework many suppliers will be looking to renew their application.

It is anticipated that the G-Cloud 12 will once again see the service description as a mandatory field after the Government Digital Service saw challenges arise following the service description being optional in previous rounds.

When the service description was optional suppliers simply did not bother to include a description that set out to users what their service did, a pretty basic mistake when trying to sell your services. Analysis of G Cloud 10 showed that 36% offered no service description at all with a further 30% more services having a service description that offered no additional useful information. Many had just copied information available on the face of the catalogue or just put up a copy of product leaflet.

This was a recipe for failure for the application and one of the most cited reasons why buyers turn away from using G-Cloud.

For suppliers hoping to win business through G-Cloud, this was short-sighted behaviour, but also made life harder for buyers. The service description is in place to differentiate yourself from your competition and make that vital connection between real problems and issues in your target sector and your technology.

The quality of the service description is paramount when listing to give public sector buyers confidence when it comes to purchasing services from G-Cloud. Service definitions should be clear, competitive, transparent so that it is easy as possible for buyers to understand what you offer and what the costs are. Suppliers must make sure that how they price services are appropriate for all types of buyers.

There can be two different languages at play when procuring technology. Buyers often speak to their desired outcome and tech suppliers will, well talk technical. The service description is where the two should find common ground and mutual understanding.

Striking this balance between technical specifications and outcomes is one that Carley Consult can assist you with. To discuss this opportunity further please get in touch either by or call 01302 361630.