Futures is interested in exploring the development of a partnership with the aim of delivering Module 2 of the ESF Health and Wellbeing call due out in March 2019.

We are inviting organisations to express an interest in becoming a stakeholder or delivery partner is this upcoming opportunity.

The timetable for this exercise is as follows:

  • Tuesday 8th January 2019 – Expression of Interest opens
  • Friday 1st March 2019 11.59pm – Deadline for submission of EOI
  • Friday 15th March 2019 – Deadline to inform applicants of outcome

Please see the documents here for further information and instructions to apply.

European Social Funding – Health and Wellbeing

Futures Group (Futures), is a not-for-profit Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ provider of expert careers and employability advice and training.


Please send your completed Stage 1 EOI no later than Friday 1st March 11.59pm to alerts@the-futures-group.com


D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) will be releasing a Health and Wellbeing European Social Funding (ESF) call in March 2019.

A draft of the call has been released. It contains two modules:

Module 1 – Health and Social Care Workforce Development

Module 2 – Improving the Health of the Local Workforce

This programme aims to align current investment models for health and wellbeing delivery (both mainstream and third sector investment / delivery) with ESF to deliver and capture greater opportunities for the local economy. Particular priority outcomes include those that deliver improved wellbeing of the existing workforce to the benefit of the SME business-base, provide a wrap-around service to support individuals into the sector (with additional support for those in receipt of health-related benefits or build capacity to join up existing services and activity.

This call is closely linked to supporting employers with inclusive growth through raising the quality of HR and employment practices – provided through the SKILLS Local call (Priority 2.1). It is also linked to the employment call (1.1 for people with health-related barriers to employment (Currently delivered through the INSPIRE Local programme)

Futures is interested in exploring the development of a partnership with the aim of delivering Module 2.

This module will capture and expand existing and evidenced good practice in health or other settings in supporting individuals to tackle their health and wellbeing issues to support sustained employment outcomes.

The module will support activities that deliver:

  • Integration of health support with employment and skills activity to deliver enhanced health, wellbeing and economic outcomes;
  • Improved referral pathways between GPs and other health professionals and employment / inclusion support services – including co-location of complimentary services;
  • Early identification of those managing or developing long term conditions whilst in work or at risk of or in early stages of extended or repeated sickness absence;
  • Increased employer awareness of occupational health services and referral processes;
  • Supporting people in SMEs with long term conditions to manage those conditions better in work;
  • Supporting SME employers to make adjustments which enable employees to manage their health needs in work.
  • Improved leadership and management within SMEs in relation to workforce wellbeing
  • Locally embedded and aligned to existing provision and circumstances
  • Support for carers

Our proposal

We plan to deliver a programme that comprises three key elements, Business Engagement, Participant Support and Clinical Professionals. The three elements will work together to provide comprehensive and joined up provision.

Expression of Interest (EOI) process

This process will be in two stages.

Stage 1 – open now until the call is released in March

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from organisations across D2N2 who are interested in becoming delivery partners or stakeholders in this call.

We would like to hear what your organisation could deliver under the call priorities and what skills and expertise you would bring to add value to the model. Word counts are a guideline – please keep your answer clear and concise; bullet points are acceptable.

Delivery partners will need to be able to bring 50% match funding as required by ESF funding rules. Please see the programme guidance here for more information on match funding.

If your organisation is unable to provide match and therefore ineligible to receive ESF funding, please fill in the EOI in order to become a stakeholder and the role you would be interested in, e.g. to be a referral partner, so that we can keep you up to date and involved in the project in order to link complementary provision across the region. You only need to complete Stage 1 if this applies to you.

We currently do not know how much funding will be available to partners. At this stage we are interested in hearing from a broad range of interested organisations and what services they could deliver against this call.

Scoring criteria

Applicants will not be subject to a rigorous scoring system at Stage 1. Applicants will be invited to the next stage if their EOI answers ‘yes’ to the following questions:

  • Does the organisation deliver activity that is relevant to the Health and Wellbeing Call?
  • Does the organisation propose a service/project that will meet the priorities of the Call and add value to the delivery model we propose?
  • Does the organisation deliver within the D2N2 area?
  • Does the organisation appear solvent and have the necessary expertise and experience to deliver and ESF funded programme?
  • Does the organisation have match funding, or wishes to be involved as a stakeholder?

Stage 2 – released shortly after the call is published

After the call is released we will have much more details on the specification, the budget, participant KPIs and targets. At this stage we will invite applicants who pass the criteria at EOI stage to submit a tender response with more details on delivery model, KPIs, budgets etc.

Applicant Instructions

Please send your completed Stage 1 EOI no later than Friday 1st March 11.59pm to alerts@the-futures-group.com

Please put your organisation name in the title of this document and the beginning of the email subject.

We will advise you of the outcome no later than Friday 15th March.

Word counts are a guideline – please keep your answer clear and concise; bullet points are acceptable.


Health and Wellbeing

Stage 1 – Expression of Interest

Part A: Organisational Details


Section A1) Organisational Details


A1.1 Full name of applicant organisation:  
A1.2 Type of organisation:

·     Public Limited Company

·     A Limited Company

·     A Company Limited by Guarantee

·     A Partnership

·     A Charity

·     Other (please specify):

A1.3 Company / Charity Registration Number:  
A1.4 UKPRN (UK Provider Reference Number) if held:  
A1.5 If your organisation is not incorporated in the UK, BUT is incorporated or registered overseas, then please give the country in which it is incorporated or registered and the registration number  
A1.6 If your organisation is part of a group of companies incorporated or registered outside of the UK, please state:

• The registered name of your parent company

• The organisation with which it is registered

• The country in which it is registered and the registration number

A1.7 Organisation website address:  
A1.8 Name and Job Title of main contact submitting this EOI:  
A1.9 Full postal address of main contact:  
A1.10 E-mail address of main contact:  
  Telephone number of main contact (both landline and mobile): `


Please provide an outline of your organisation and its main business activities

(maximum 100 words)




A1.12 [not used]



A1.13 How many full time equivalent staff does your organisation employ?
  a.     1 – 9 employees / volunteers

b.     10 – 49 employees / volunteers

c.      50 – 249 employees / volunteers

d.     250 – 4999 employees / volunteers

e.     More than 5000 employees / volunteers


 Part B Health and Wellbeing Project

Section B1) Core Service Requirement


B1.1 What geographical areas does your organisation cover?

(100 words max)





B1.2 Match funding: please choose one of the following options: Please ‘x’
My organisation is able to bring and would like to be a delivery partner
My organisation in unable to bring match funding and would like to be involved as a stakeholder
Other – Please give any details you believe are relevant to this section
B1.3 Please describe your current or past experience delivering ESF programmes?


(200 words max)


B1.4 Please describe what you would propose to deliver under this ESF funding priority?


(200 words max)


B1.5 Please describe the skills and expertise of the organisation in regards to meeting the needs of the call


(200 words max)

B1.6 Please provide any further details you think are useful at this stage:


(200 words max)