Three leading providers of recruitment, skills and employability services have come together to establish the Collaborative Partnership Network (CPN) and are now seeking further providers from across the UK to join this new initiative.

The CPN is being led by the Challenge-trg Group, Cordant Group, and Phoenix Training Services, who collectively provide managed service support for over 100,000 vacancies every year, and leverage over £6m of apprenticeship levy spend, working with some of the UK’s biggest employers.

Through active collaboration, CPN partners will add respective value to each other’s services, aligning employability, customer service and occupational training, with current and forecasted recruitment needs. This will involve an effective pooling of market intelligence and employer relationships, as well as building progression pathways for participants through different types of funded provision.

Rather than this being a series of uncoordinated interventions, the CPN presents this as a bespoke, coherent, and compelling offer to the employer from the outset. It offers a one-stop-shop approach to recruitment and training, whilst also fully leveraging the publicly funded support the employer may be entitled to. The advantages to the employer will be self-evident.

This in turn benefits the CPN partners individually. It helps to maximise their individual contract performance, delivering more outcomes, and ensuring that funding allocations are fully utilised. More collaborative and integrated ways of working also helps to generate economies and reduce costs. It is a clear win/win!

The CPN will also act as a bidding consortium to win public funding as a collective. It creates the potential to bid for higher value and more strategic contracts across the recruitment, employability, and skills spectrum, including contracts with the ESFA, DWP, combined authorities and devolved administrations.

Simon Bladon, Operations Director at Phoenix Training said: “The CPN is an exciting new initiative which will bring trusted partners together to work in a more collaborative way, joining up commercial and public funding to provide a more coherent employer offer. We hope that many providers, of all types, will see the benefits of being part of this new approach”.

If you would like to join the CPN, please visit to download our Expression of Interest (EOI) Form.

Completed responses must be received by the 17th July 2020.