The Growth Company ESF – AEB Provider Framework, which has now been extended to last until July 2023, has been opened for a further release. This framework will cover future opportunities around current Prime ESF and AEB contracts across the North West and South Yorkshire.

The opportunity is split in to 8 contract areas:

  • Contract Area 1: Skills Support for the Workforce- Greater Manchester
  • Contract Area 2: Skills Support for The Work Force – Lancashire
  • Contract Area 3: Skills Support for the Workforce – More Developed (Lot 1) & Transitional (Lot 2) Sheffield City Region
  • Contract Area 4: Skills Support for the Unemployed Greater Manchester
  • Contract Area 5: Skills Support for the Unemployed Sheffield City Region – More Developed (Lot 1) & Transitional (Lot 2)
  • Contract Area 6: Supply of support for individuals who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) or at risk of NEET GM
  • Contract Area 7: Adult Education Budget (AEB) Liverpool City Region (LCR)
  • Contract Area 8: Adult Education Budget (AEB) Greater Manchester (GM)

Providers who have already successfully joined the Framework do not need to reapply however, they may wish to re-submit Document D, Matrix of Delivery and identify any additional geographies, Priority Sectors and Specialism Areas.

Deadline for submission is the 6th October.

If you would like Carley Consult to support your application please get in touch by calling 01302 361630 or email