The Royal Borough of Greenwich has released an opportunity to register on their Employment and Skills Framework worth £12 million. The framework will run from 2020-2024 and consists of three lots:

  1. Progress to Work: addressing high levels of economic inactivity, particularly due to ill health, disabilities and complex barriers to work.
  2. Progress in Work: focussing on support those in low skilled/low paid employment to increase their skills and progress.
  3. Supporting healthy, integrated and resilient communities: focus on learning opportunities that make a positive impact on quality of life, health and well-being prioritising access to learning for those who are disadvantaged and least likely to participate, including people on low incomes with low skills.

It will be a two-stage application process with Selection Questionnaires to be completed by the 15th April 2020.   Following the evaluation of the SQ, successful applicants will be invited to tender with on the 1st of May. The deadline for ITT responses is on the 1st of June. The contract will be awarded on the 31st of July 2020.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further or would like to know how Carley Consult can support your application please email or call 01302 361630.