Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)
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Dynamic Purchasing System for Apprenticeship Training & Assessment Organisations.  

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a smart choice for those who’d like to become a preferred supplier to the Public Sector.

Many Public Sector Organisations are now adopting the use of Dynamic Purchasing System to source and transact with Apprenticeship Training Providers and End Point Assessment Organisations.

The NHS, Crown Commercial Service (CCS), British Army and purchasing organisations such as Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation and Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) are all examples of whom have adopted this approach for apprenticeships, it is anticipated that £2.5bn of training for apprentices employed by public sector organisations will be purchased through these frameworks over the next 4 years.

In order to become a supplier you MUST gain entry to these if you wish to be awarded contracts for the training they require. 

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Award process for a dynamic purchasing system

Once approved on the DPS, public sector buyers will be able to award apprenticeship contracts to training providers through two approaches:

  • Direct Award Procedure – directly to their chosen training provider
  • Standard Award Procedure – service filters are used to select specific service requirements which provides list of training providers who are then invited to a competition.

Organisations already accepted on a DPS are: Hawk Training, Solihull College and University Centre, Jobwise Training, Skills Team Ltd, Chichester College, City of Bristol College, Leeds College of Building, Holt Green Training, CT Skills, Busy Bees Training Academy, Babington Group Ltd, Learning Curve Group,PeoplePlus Group Ltd to name a few. 

Overall contract awards so far: Apprenticeship Training Services such as,
Adult Social Care, Level 2-3
Business Admin Level 2-4
Customer Service Level 2-4
HR Support Level 3
Leadership & Management Level 3-7
Housing / Property Management Level 3
Project Manager Level 4
Adult Care Worker Level 4
Digital and Technology Solutions Level 4
Automotive Level 2
Retail Level 4-5

Contract value awarded so far: There has been over £100,000,000 spent via the DPS with an estimated £2bn still left to sped in the next 4 years. 

(Information is up to date from may 2019) 


Why choose Carly Consult to support your Dynamic Purchasing System application

Carley Consult have produced successful applications to many of these DPS for a range of training providers, large and small.

  • For every £1 invested, we deliver an average of £200 return.
  • Unrivaled knowledge and understanding of the DPS Process and what makes a successful application.
  • We make time to understand your business before creating your application.
  • All our in-house consultants are APMP qualified
  • We have a quality ISO9001 accreditation.

If you are an Apprenticeship Provider and would like to become a preferred supplier to the Public Sector, call Carly Consult on 01302 361630

Did you know…
For every £1 invested, we delivery and average return of £200

Key Dates

Key deadlines are: Awards have already commenced and it is imperative to apply asap if you wish to bid and share the contract market value of £2.5bn. 


Services available

Dynamic Purchasing System Application Support

Following recent DPS successes with a range of apprenticeship training providers we have developed a cost-effective service to help you access the public sector’s annual apprenticeship training budget.

Bid Review

We can undertake comprehensive proofing and critiquing of draft bids. Weather you are  wanting to help your own staff become more effective at bid critique or would just like a second opinion. We will impartially mock score material, giving a sense of how evaluators may rate it.

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