DWP Employability and Health Related Services Umbrella (EHRSUA)

DWP Employability and Health Related Services Umbrella (EHRSUA) 

DWP Employability and Health Related Services Umbrella (EHRSUA) procurement is expected during the week commencing the 6th January with the return deadline of the 31st January.

More information will be published here as soon as it is available.

Having run the pre-market engagement events, DWP are now in the process of reviewing feedback from potential suppliers which may significantly impact the final ITT/specification.

To date, DWP aims to split the procurement into 7 separate Lots (the main change here is the inclusion of Scotland). For each Lot, there will be 3 tiers separated by contract value:

Tier 1: £5m and above

Tier 2: £1 to 5m

Tier 3: up to £1m

DWP have indicated that there will be no limit on how many Lots and/or Tiers a single supplier can bid for, though only up to 5 bidders will be awarded a contract per Tier/Lot.

The DWP will be creating an Open Virtual Data Room on Bravo, set to go live soon, where bidders will be able to access slides and documents from the event. Bidders are advised to register their interest via Bravo to ensure they do not miss any future updates.  We will update this landing page with the link as soon as it is available.

Bid Writing Support

If you are currently providing health and related services and would like support with your application register your interest below for further updates or to guarantee your bid writing support from Carley Consult you can request a call off contract. Please either call direct on 01302 361630 or register below.

Key Dates

DWP have published the proposed dates:

2nd January 2020: Publication of Contract Notice

w/c 6th January 2020: Publication of EHRSUA ITT to all Potential Bidders

6th January – 24th January 2020: Question and Answer Log #

24th January 2020 10am: Deadline for Submission of Questions

31st January 2020 10am: Deadline for return of EHRSUA ITT Response

19th March 2020: Notification issued to successful/unsuccessful bidders

31st March 2020: Contract Award

1st April 2020: Contract Go-Live

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