CXK is keen to hear from organisations who may wish to join our team in responding to the Education Skills Funding Agency’s newly-released Invitation to Tender for ASK.   The ASK service aims to provide information, advice and guidance on the apprenticeship pathway to young people from KS3 to post 16.  Providers will deliver a variety of apprenticeship activities to suit the needs of schools & colleges in their area, supporting them to:

  • Meet their obligations in relation to the Careers Strategy.
  • Raise awareness of the different entry levels, progression opportunities and wide range of sectors available through the apprenticeship route.
  • Raise awareness of higher and degree apprenticeship options as an alternative to full time university.

Suitable delivery partners will be able to engage with and deliver to schools and colleges from existing strong relationships.  Delivery will take the form of workshops, promotional activity and training events to student, teachers and parents.

We are seeking enquiries from organisations with a proven ability of delivering services to schools & colleges in any of the South East Region LEP areas listed below:

Buckinghamshire Thames Valley, Coast to Capital, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly, Dorset, Enterprise M3, Greater Cambridge and Peterborough, Heart of South West, Hertfordshire, New Anglia, Oxfordshire, Solent, South East, Swindon & Wiltshire, Thames Valley Berkshire and West of England.

We would be particularly interested in receiving applications from providers in the following localities:

  • Greater Cambridge & Peterborough
  • New Anglia
  • Hertfordshire

CXK is an experienced prime contractor and has a successful track record of forming and managing delivery supply chains.  We are leading a new partnership of highly-experienced providers with the aim of delivering the ASK service in the South Region from August 2019.   If you are interested in joining our partnership, please email for an EOI questionnaire.

Due to a very short turnaround the deadline for submission of completed EOIs is Monday 18th February 2019 @ 5pm.

NB. Submission of an expression of interest form does not guarantee inclusion in the CXK tender response.