Civil Service Learning 2020

Civil Service Learning 2020

The Civil Service is gearing up to procure new contracts and arrangements for the supply of learning and development.

CCS have confirmed that the tender will be published on during the week commencing 16th December 2019.  Bid submission deadline has been set as the 3rd February 2020.

The estimated spend during this time through centralised contracts is £290m.

The following lots are anticipated but are yet to be confirmed:

Lot 1: Service Integrator
Lot 2: Commodity Learning
Lot 4: Learning Design and Delivery
Lot 5: Subject Matter Expertise and Coaching Provision
Lot 3: Service Integrator, Cross Civil Service Curriculum AND Commodity Learning
Lot 6: Learning Design and Delivery AND Subject Matter Expertise and Coaching

The Civil Service told Carley Consult that partners will need to be able to scale up from day one with a proven track record and expertise. They will have to be able to take on the full commercial risk of delivering the service and be supported by suitable technology.

The supplier must have strong support infrastructure with the ability to support booking, including of a service centre for bookings, supply key MI data, helpdesks, account management and payment mechanisms. The new delivery model will need to be able to meet the needs of the Civil Service working across the UK and those that are based internationally.

The current use of the service includes a significant volume of bookings (440k from 2016-Jan 2019) that peaks in quarter 4. Biggest customers by department include: HM revenue and Customs; DWP; MoD and MoJ.

During engagement events it has been indicated that the priority learning requirements will be:

  1. Basic management skills and leadership development.
  2. Change leadership.
  3. Personal effectiveness, including Civil Service Behaviours and mandatory learning.
  4. Executive coaching.
  5. Easy access to specialist providers to support professions’ and functions’ growth plans and department specific needs.
  6. Facilitation provision to support academies and delivery existing learning content.

More information will be published here as soon as it is available.

Bid Writing Support

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Key Dates

The tender is due to be published week commencing the 16th December 2019.

Clarification questions will run until the 6th January 2020.

Bid return deadline 3rd February 2020.

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