Non-Clinical temporary and fixed Term Staff RM6160

Non-Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff Framework 

If you a recruitment agency wanting to supply non-clinical temporary and fixed term staff to the NHS, now is the time to submit your bids for the long awaited Non-Clinical and Fixed Term Staff Framework (RM6160)

This is a multi-supplier framework for provision of non-clinical temporary and fixed term roles to the NHS across the UK.

The current commercial agreements that are being replaced by the Health Sector Resource Agreements are:

  • RM 1072 Workforce Management will be replaced by RM6158 Flexible Resource Pool – Staff Bank. Closed on 27th March 2019.
  • RM 971 Non-Medical Non-Clinical will be replaced by RM6160 Non-Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff – Expires 23rd May 2019
  • RM 3711 Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel – Expires 7th August 2019


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Non-clinical temporary and fixed term staff RM6160 contract

The new contract is divided into lots and tenders may be submitted for all lots, as detailed below:

Lot No. Title Value Supplier Limit
1 Admin & Clerical Supply £260 million 72
2 Corporate Functions £880 million 87
3 IT Professionals £700 million 62
4 Legal Supply £10 million 8
5 Clinical Coding £10 million 11
6 Ancillary Staff £140 million 60


This new Framework will be an unmissable opportunity for many recruiters looking to supply into the NHS.

Bid Writing Support

We  have a range of bespoke options available to support organisations looking to bid to join the NHS framework, contact us on 01302 361630.  Alternately if you are looking for specialist bid writing support,  take a look at our page here.

“Carley Consult have produced a wide variety of successful bids into the NHS and are familiar with their procurement requirements; principal among Carley Consult’s experience is a £330m bid for one of the largest single supplier of flexible staffing to the NHS with more than 90,000 workers providing more than 2 million shifts every year. They were seeking an experienced recruitment firm to deliver their current operations and drive growth into the 75% of NHS trusts that did not currently use them. This is a complex transaction requiring a great deal of due diligence by both parties. Carley Consult’s role was to craft the bid of a leading recruitment company with the aim of demonstrating they have the skills, systems and capability to make the transaction a success. The bid was successful.”

Carley Consult will be publishing an opportunity summary once the Framework is released. To access a complimentary copy please contact us on

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