Carley Consult helps 8 Clients qualify onto DWP’s CAEHRS Framework

The outcome of DWP’s Commercial Agreement for Employment & Health Related Services (CAEHRS) has now been published, providing a list of providers who will move ahead to contend for DWP’s core programmes over the coming years.

Carley Consult is pleased to confirm that it contributed to the successful campaigns of 8 separate clients who qualified onto CAEHRS, almost a third of all qualifying organisations. Our Clients collectively accounted for 25 (a quarter) of all framework slots awarded, with 9 slots on Tier 1, and 16 on Tier 2. Four clients also secured slots on the national CAEHRS lot.

Jim Carley, Managing Director of Carley Consult said: “We are delighted to extend our congratulations to all our clients who have qualified onto CAEHRS. This is a fantastic result for Carley Consult, although is just as much a testament to the pedigree of the providers we are fortunate enough to work with. We look forward to working with many of these clients again at the call off stage competitions.”

Carley Consult offers a review process for providers who failed to qualify onto CAEHRS, or who may have aspired to achieve a better result, to help you understand how your submission may have been further improved. Please email us at to find out more.

Please also feel free to download our summary of the result, which provides a line-by-line comparison of the outcomes for all the successful provider: DWP CAEHRS Result