Carley Consult would like to extend its congratulations to Robert Melia, Nigel Talbot, Aaron Henrickson and all of the team at Mentor Employment & Skills Ltd for becoming one of the preferred bidders for Flexible New Deal in Birmingham & Solihull. This achievement is all the more impressive given that Mentor Employment & Skills is a Special Purpose Vehicle of Dutch and US companies, who have broken into the UK market purely organically without acquisitions. The Carley Consult team played an intensive and integral role in all aspects of their bid campaign, from writing, to sourcing subcontractors, to financial modelling. We look forward to continuing to work with Mentor Employment & Skills through the implementation period to the launch in October, and in helping transform the lives of thousands of unemployed people in the West Midlands. We’d also like to extend our congratulations to Martin Dunford, Simon Gotch and their team at Skills Training UK for their success in Kent, Surrey & Sussex. Carley Consult were hired by Skills Training UK in 2008 to help develop their successful PQQ for Flexible New Deal, and contributed further material to the narrative of their successful second stage tender. Finally, we’d like to send congratulations to all of our other clients who are named subcontractors in the tenders of preferred bidders. We are delighted to have worked with you all through this competition.