Bid Review
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Bid Review

The final checks can make all the difference to a winning bid.

Have the questions been fully answered? Has the specification been fully addressed? Are key points clearly explained and easy to understand? Do the sections carrying the highest weighted scores really shine? Can evaluators easily navigate the content, and award the maximum points?

We can help you through the essential final stages, checking the detail, and adding the finishing touches to help your bid stand out.

Key Points

  • We can undertake comprehensive proofing and critiquing of draft material.
  • We can impartially mock score material, giving a sense of how evaluators may rate it.
  • We can carry out full pre-submission compliance checks.
  • We can help your own staff become more effective at bid critique.
  • We can make practical recommendations to further strengthen your responses.
  • We can provide retrospective reviews of past bids to improve future submissions.


“I was very impressed with Carley Consult’s professionalism, knowledge and efficiency. I am certain our tender response was all the better for their involvement.”

Diannah Parker, Former General Manager, Ostara Australia.

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