ESPO Apprenticeship Dynamic Purchasing System (ADPS)
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Apprenticeship Dynamic Purchasing System (ADPS)

ESPO are inviting training providers to join the ADPS to deliver apprenticeship training services to public sector bodies through a compliant route.

Anticipated Contract Value: The DPS value is estimated to be £5,250,000 – £50,000,000 per annum.

Contract Term: 11/07/2018-10/07/2020

Application Process: The application form includes 78 questions, 62 of which are mandatory, pass/fail criteria including exclusion questions.

Training providers need to detail their offer, identifying their delivery ability in up to 16 geographic locations and 15 apprenticeship training categories

Other questions include:

  • Confirmation that you are on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers
  • Confirmation of your Ofsted grade if you have had an inspection (Good or Outstanding required)

If you have not had an Ofsted inspection you need to answer the following questions:

Question Focus Word Limit
How you assure the quality of your apprenticeship training? 500
How you measure/will measure the success of apprenticeship delivery across your organisation and how you will use this to improve your apprenticeship training? 500
What staff performance mechanisms you have/will have in place, and how these are managed? 500
Please detail your latest qualification achievement rates for the categories of apprenticeship you are able to deliver through the DPS? 500
Total 2000

Once approved on the DPS, customers will undertake a further competition that is either open to all suppliers or refined to a short-list of selected suppliers.

Carley Consult Support Options: Your answers to the 78 questions will direct you to the number of narrative responses you are required to submit. To help training providers produce high quality responses to the above questions we are offering a fixed price service of £1,000 + VAT.

Once you are invited to further competitions, we can support you to write your responses to developing a compelling bid in response to the customer’s specific requirements.

If you are a training provider and would like support with your application, contact Carley Consult on 01302 361630

Did you know…

For every £1 invested, we delivery and average return of £200

Key Dates

Key deadlines are:  Awards have already commenced and it is imperative to apply asap if you wish to bid and share the contract market value of £2.5bn.

Services available

Bid Review

We can undertake comprehensive proofing and critiquing of draft bids. Weather you are  wanting to help your own staff become more effective at bid critique or would just like a second opinion. We will impartially mock score material, giving a sense of how evaluators may rate it.

Dynamic Purchasing System Application Support

Following recent DPS successes with a range of apprenticeship training providers we have developed a cost-effective service to help you access the public sector’s annual apprenticeship training budget.

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