Live DPS Schemes

Apprenticeship providers are facing an uncertain time as a result of Covid-19. There is continued funding uncertainty in terms of supplier relief, combined with a drying up of new apprenticeship starts in the short term. One way that providers can, however, prepare for the upturn is to secure their place on a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for apprenticeship and skills provision.

More than 20 apprenticeship DPS schemes continue to remain open for new providers to apply to. This includes apprenticeship DPS systems being run by the Crown Commercial Service and ESPO, as well as local authorities in Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, North Somerset, North East Lincolnshire, Gateshead, Suffolk, Cambridge and South Gloucestershire. These schemes alone have a total combined advertised value of up to £1 billion over the coming years.

ESFA Course Directory

Alongside maximising your DPS exposure, providers can also ensure that their offers on the ESFA Apprenticeship Course Directory are also up to date. Completing a compelling course directory entry will be crucial for winning new business once the current crisis has passed. The data migration has now been completed, and data freeze lifted, for the new course directory, so providers can now update or add to their entries, making it a prime time to complete a review.

If you would like Carley Consult to assist you in applying to join a new DPS, or in completing or reviewing your entries on the Apprenticeship Course Directory, please get in touch.

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