Advanced Personnel Management (APM) are understood to be on the cusp of finalising a deal to acquire Ingeus. News of the acquisition was first reported in the media in Australia, where APM are based, in November. The acquisition is understood to include all Ingeus operations across the UK, US, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and Spain. The multi-million-dollar deal is further understood to be subject to several official approvals before it is finalised.

APM are a market leading provider of employment services in Australia, where they are one of the largest providers of Jobactive, the country’s primary employability programme. In 2017 Quadrant Private Equity acquired a majority stake in APM. APM’s presence in the UK was initially bolstered through the acquisition of Flexible New Deal prime contractor PPDG in 2015. Today APM in the UK is arguably best known as a provider of the National Citizen Service scheme, which is currently being re-commissioned, although they also deliver subcontracted DWP Work & Health Programme provision in the North East and Central England.

Having also originated in Australia, Ingeus was previously acquired by the Providence Service Corporation in the US in 2014. The company has been a leading provider in the UK employment market for almost 20 years. Their employment and health prime contracts include the Work & Health Programme in the North West, Working Well in Manchester, Steps 2 Success in Northern Ireland, and Central London Works. Ingeus is also a part of the Reducing Reoffending Partnership which runs two of the Government’s Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs).

“There is strong alignment between APM and Ingeus,” APM Chief Executive Michael Anghie said. “Around the world, governments are facing many challenges such as ageing populations, increasing mental health issues, pressured health budgets, migration and integration, and technology that is changing job opportunities. Some important solutions to these challenges relate to work, health and behaviour change, which is what Ingeus and APM both do really well.”