Due to the current high demand, the NHS is actively seeking a wider pool of suppliers, so this is a real opportunity for recruitment and staffing agencies to register on a DPS that is worth £75million.

Procurement Assist Limited is seeking service providers to take part in a 60-month Dynamic Purchasing System for Recruitment Agency Services.

The Services will be split into several different categories:

Lot 1: All Employee Types (£13,000,000).
Lot 2: Nursing, Care and Medical Staff (£7,000,000)
Lot 3: Housing Services Staff (£7,000,000)
Lot 4: Blue Light Specialist Staff (£7,000,000)
Lot 5: HR/Communications Staff (£7,000,000)
Lot 6: Asset Management Staff (£7,000,000)
Lot 7: Finance Staff (£7,000,000)
Lot 8: Executive Staff and Board Members (£7,000,000)
Lot 9: Master Vendors (£13,000,000)

The initial DPS application period is 30 days but will remain open until 31st May 2025.

If you would like to know more about this DPS or discuss how Carley Consult can support your application please get in touch by emailing info@carleyconsult.co.uk or call 01302 361630.