£6million Durham County Council Adult Learning and Skills Provision

Durham County Council have opened their provider Panel Agreement for Adult Learning and Skills Provision to add providers who can deliver learning and education opportunities for adults aged 19+.

The closing date for the application is 19th November.

The Provider Panel has been divided into two Lots which categorise service requirements. Providers can apply for one or both lots.

  • Lot 1 – Community Learning which will require providers who are able to provide cost appropriate, innovative Community Learning programmes (both non-accredited and eligible accredited) to support outcomes for adults aged 19+ who face a range of challenges/barriers to engagement, progression and/or securing sustainable employment.
  • Lot 2 – Accredited Learning which will require providers who are able to deliver regulated funded qualifications listed for approval under the Adult Education Budget (AEB).

Included in the application are sections covering essential criteria (assessed on a pass/fail basis); technical questions (quality with a word limit for Lot 1 of 6000 words, Lot 2 5000 words); and a pricing schedule.

The technical questions ask:

  • Describe the approaches, experience, and expertise you have of responding to the needs of each of the target groups, and how you have ensured they have effective and meaningful progression.
  • How have you ensured previous delivery has met and matched individuals needs and described their impact and outcomes.

Providers will be not be ranked but placed on the Provider Panel within the relevant Lot(s) and Call Offs will be carried through further competition.

If you would like further information on this or to secure Carley Consult’s support for your application please call 01302 361630 or email info@carleyconsult.co.uk