The Ministry of Justice’s Probation Services Dynamic Framework has been designed to enable private and voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations to deliver rehabilitative services aimed at reducing offending and enabling people to lead purposeful lives within their communities.  

The term of the Dynamic Framework is seven years, although may be extended up to three times for additional periods of 12 months each time. The estimated potential 10 year contractual spend for the Dynamic Framework is up to £4 billion. Services will be competitively commissioned from the Dynamic Framework for delivery at a local level by prison governors, probation regional directors, police and crime commissioners and other authorities which require them.  

The Dynamic Framework comprises of fourteen Service Categories which are based on probation Service User need areas, cohorts, and restorative justice services as listed below. Bidders must indicate which Categories they wish to deliver (they are not obligated to deliver all).  

  1. Accommodation
  2. Education, Training, and Employment 
  3. Finance, Benefits and Debt 
  4. Dependency and Recovery 
  5. Family and Significant Others 
  6. Lifestyle & Associates
  7. Emotional Wellbeing
  8. Social Inclusion
  9. Women – Cohort Category
  10. Young Adults (18/25) – Cohort Category
  11. Black & Minority Ethnic – Cohort Category
  12. Restorative Justice 
  13. Cognitive and Behavioural Change 
  14. Service User Involvement

Providers can apply to join the Dynamic Framework through the submission of a Supplier Questionnaire and accompanying service descriptors and case studies for the Categories they wish to be considered for. Once selected onto the Dynamic Framework, providers will be invited to bid for call-off contract opportunities. Once the Dynamic Framework is established, the MoJ will commence the Day 1 Services Call-Off Competitions to ensure that certain Services are in place on “Day 1” (April 2021). Initial SQ responses must be received by mid-July for providers wishing to be included to participate in Day 1 Services Call-Off Competitions beginning in August.  

If you are interested in applying to join the Dynamic Framework and may need assistance in developing your Supplier Questionnaire response, Carley Consult is able to assist. Please contact us at for more details of the support which we can offer.