£176million Work Ready Employability Services – Northern Ireland Department for Communities

As part of a move across government in Northern Ireland to respond to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the significant rise in unemployment, the Department for Communities (DfC) wishes to procure Work Ready Employability Services (WRES). WRES will provide additional capacity and/or expertise to supplement and complement existing DfC employability provision in a responsive and agile manner, to ramp up and down, as and when required.

The deadline for submissions is the 6th November for this three year contract worth £176million.

There are 11 Lots which align to the Local Government Districts (LGD) in Northern Ireland. Tenderers may bid for one or more of the Contract Lots. There are no restrictions on the number of Contract Lots that a tenderer can bid for, or be awarded. Contract Lots will be individually assessed and awarded. Tenderers must only tender for Contract Lots where they realistically have the capacity and resource capability to deliver the service.

There will be a maximum of five providers appointed per Contract Lot.

To be considered providers must be able to provide one comparable experience presented as one detailed example from the last three years of public or private provision. Failure to provide this will result in exclusion.

There are also mandatory pass/fail criteria which include:

  • Social Value
  • Module Delivery
  • Year Round Delivery
  • Access to Learning Materials
  • Accessibility to All
  • Section 75 Data

There are also five narrative questions that will be required:

AC1: Delivery of Employability Services (35%) 8xA4 limit.

AC2: Innovation and Improvement (20%) 3xA4 limit.

AC3: Delivery across the lot (15%) 2xA4 limit.

AC4: Key Personnel (20%) 3xA4 limit.

AC5: Contract Management (10%) 6xA4 limit.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity or would like to secure Carley Consults assistance with your application please call 01302 361630 or call info@carleyconsult.co.uk.